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Lego's Journey

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Lego's Journey

Paw Protection

August 29th, 2018 · 3 Comments · legosjourney, tripod training

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Maneuvering around my house on the wood floors has been tough. My mom has been putting lots of different stuff on my paws to help me get around the house without slipping and sliding.

WELL, I think it’s time for me to share some of my favorite products with you.

Ruff Wear Summit Trex Boots – Everyday Paw Protection

I did not love these when my mom first put them on me but we spent lots of time getting used to them one foot at a time with yummy cookies! Once I realized that they made going on walks so much easier they really grew on me. Not only do they prevent me from slipping and sliding, but they also protect my feet from the hot pavement. I hope they work just the same once it starts to snow!

I tried to wear my booties around the house but I just did not love it so my mom started to bring home lots of different stuff for me to try. She started with this HORRIBLE sock that felt like a balloon on my foot. They stopped me from sliding but I could not stand them so we quickly moved on. So many different smelly, oily and sticky paw balms later she finally brought home the Espree Paw Balm. This stuff ROCKS. It doesn’t smell which means it doesn’t bother anyone I live with. It also stops me from sliding into the kitchen island when I chase my sister around. It is a little oily when you first put it on but if I sit in Mom’s lap for a few minutes after she puts it on I am good to go!

If anyone has some other stuff they love for their three little feet please share with my Mama so she can get it for me!

Happy Wednesday!



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  • jerry

    Lego thanks so much for sharing! We hadn’t heard about Espree, but we definitely know about Ruffwear SummitTrex Boots, they are available in The Tripawds Gear Shop, along with other cool stuff for Tripawds. We’ll be sure to feature Espree soon as well. Glad you found things that work!

  • paws120

    Hi Lego and family! I got to see your gorgeous family in your last post.. oh heart be still at your handsome pack!
    I love the idea of your Espree, even my quads slide around on our laminate floors and until we get one certain puppy completely house trained, all runners have been pulled because I felt like I was working in a laundromat 😵
    I will look for it here soon, I bet our older quad, Mitchell would greatly appreciate some more traction. Thanks for the tip!

  • dobemom

    To help dogs with traction in ice and snow, the best product we’ve found is called “Chicken Grit”. I get it at our local farm supply store, but you can find in on Amazon too. This is apparently fed to chickens, but it is amazing for ice and snow. It looks a little like pea gravel, but it doesn’t hurt feet and really gives traction (and it’s super inexpensive). I even gave some to my elderly parents to throw down on their porch and sidewalk. Nitro wouldn’t have survived 3 winters without it!

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